About - The Agile Artist

The Agile Artist is your one-stop-shop for quality art creation, consulting, and project management

for companies and individuals alike.


Founded by Cheryl Johnson, an artist and producer who has worked on both sides of the outsourcing process, TAA’s ever-evolving approach to problem-solving is the result of real-world experience working with both individual clients (like you!) and teams both large and small.


Depending on your project, TAA can adopt the role of Artist, Producer, Consultant, Art Director, and/or Outsourcing Manager to account for missing skill sets in your team. Responsibilities that can be handed off to TAA include (amongst others):

  • Artwork conception and creation (2D, 3D, animation, graphic design, etc)
  • Post-production and touch-ups for existing artwork and photography (enhancements, alterations, etc)
  • Web design and development
  • Project management and consulting for both individuals and teams (large-scale projects to niche birthday presents and everything in between)


From CEOs to soccer moms, if you’re looking for quality artwork,

The Agile Artist is here to help! :D


About - The Agile Artist

This website is currently in development (alpha). Please make all purchases through cjohnson@theagileartist.com.