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If you have text, you need an image to go with it. Avoid the expensive stock photo sites, and get 1,500 professional photos for the price of 2. You’ll never have to buy photos again. :)

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Everyone loves a good photo. They decorate our walls, liven up our business cards, and draw customers to our products.Unfortunately, if you want a good, professional photo, you’d normally have to go to a large stock photo site to get it. You could pay up to $15 per photo, and with their complicated usage rules, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be paying another couple thousand dollars in penalties a few months down the line.
&nbs;Get the photos that you need safely — get them from The Agile Artist.TAA’s 1500 Stock Photos bundle gives you 1,500 professional photos that have been presorted into 166 different categories to make finding your image(s) a breeze. These categories cover a variety of popular, in-demand niches, as well as more general, every-day themes, so that you’re covered, no matter what.

•1,500 images for the price of 2

Stock photo sites can sell their photos for as much as $15 a photo. Why pay that when you can get 1,500 photos for less than $0.02 a piece? That’s a difference of 99.9%!

•Unlimited use

There are no repeat usage restrictions on these photos. Use them as many times as you want and in as many projects as you want (as long as you adhere to your purchased license).

•Immediate lifetime access

When you buy a product, you should have permission to use it forever — that’s what The Agile Artist believes. Once you buy these photos, they’re yours to use for as long as you want to use them.

• Avoid the wrath of large stock art sites

Some stock art websites place almost impossible rules on their photos, and then wait for people to break those rules so that they can charge thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. Avoid the drama with The Agile Artist’s easy-to-understand licensing policy, and get back to what you do best, worry-free.

• Organized for quick reference

With 166 specific categories, finding your photos has never been easier. :)

We all need professional photos at one time or another. Don’t waste your time and money — get what you need, all in one place, and at a price that won’t break the bank.

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What You'll Get


  • 1,500 stock photos covering a variety of in-demand niches
  • 116 folders
  • License:
The rights that you have to the photos in this package depend on which license you purchase. You can find out more about each license type here.
  • Preview:


Things you'll need to use these files:

  • For .zip files:
  • A program that can open .zip files
  • Examples:
  • A Windows XP (or newer), Mac OS X (or newer), or Ubuntu Linux (or newer) operating system - the .zip file will open like a folder.
  • WinZip (Windows and Mac)
  • WinRar (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • 7Zip (Windows)
  • PeaZip (Windows and Linux)
  • For .jpg files:
  • Somewhere to put them
  • Your computer’s built-in image viewer


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Project Ideas


  • Personal
  • Gifts for yourself, friends, and/or loved ones
  • Wall decorations, wall stickers, and wall decals for kids and adults
  • Mementos/keepsakes and scrapbooking
  • Personal events (baby showers, Super Bowl, graduations, reunions, weddings, religious functions, parties, etc.)
  • Every-day events (garage sales, lost pets, roommate needed signs, birthday direction arrow signs, etc.)
  • Business

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