Custom “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” Landing Page

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A well-designed “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” landing page can set you apart from your competition, create excitement, and effortlessly build a list for your big launch! Grow your list and your business with the help of The Agile Artist.

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Already have your website up and running, but need some time to finalize your content? Inform your visitors with a simple, clean landing page from The Agile Artist.


Nothing puts off a potential customer more than an unexpected surprise. And that’s exactly what happens when they click on a link and land on a half-finished page or a website with outdated information. Your customers expect to find what they’re looking for in real-time, and if your page isn’t ready yet, a customized placeholder page is the next best option.


The Agile Artist develops custom, temporary pages that let your visitors know that your final page is being prepared. And with an integrated sign-up form, you can collect the email addresses of potential customers to bring them back to your site when the page is ready, or simply to use them for follow-up campaigns and e-mail marketing.

What You'll Get

What You Get   Basic Package

  • 1 Background
  • 1 Newsletter sign-up box/opt-in form
  • 1 Logo
  • 2 Free revisions
Advanced Package
  • 1 Background
  • 1 Newsletter sign-up box/opt-in form
  • 1 Logo
  • 1 Message or tagline
  • Social media icons
  • 2 Free revisions


Things you’ll need before beginning the project:
• A digital copy of any text that you would like to see included in your landing page (if applicable)
• A digital copy of any specific images that you would like to see included in your landing page (if applicable)
• A purchased domain address and web hosting — Don’t have these? No problem! Let The Agile Artist help with the Website Hosting Package. You’ll be up and running in no time!
• Your FTP log-in information
• Your C-panel/web host log-in information
• Log-in details for your WordPress website (if applicable) — Want a WordPress website, but don’t have WordPress installed? Don’t worry! The Agile Artist has you covered with WordPress Security – Peace of Mind. Get started with WordPress today!
• Log-in details for your auto-responder OR the html code for your auto-responder’s opt-in form

You must legally own the copyrights to anything that you request The Agile Artist to use (specific text, images, etc.). If you do not own the copyrights, The Agile Artist cannot, by law, complete the project as requested.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you own the copyrights to your requested materials, a reference guide has been provided for you here.

If you have a question and can’t find your answer in the FAQ, please contact The Agile Artist through the Contact page, or simply send an e-mail to :)


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Project Ideas

  • Coming Soon
    • Announce a new website, product, event, or brand before your website is even finished
    • Build an e-mail list without a finished website or product
    • Make your new website, product, event, or brand stand out from your competition
    • Judge potential customers' interest in a website, product, event, or brand before it is created
    • Build hype and/or momentum for your website, product, event, or brand launch
    • Use in a prelaunch strategy for your new website, product, event, or brand
    • Build or maintain the reputation of a purchased (but unused) domain name
    • Etc.
  • Under Construction
    • Keep your visitors, customers, and/or clients happy by letting them know why your website is down, and when it will be back up
    • Build an e-mail list by letting visitors sign up to get an update when the website goes live again
    • Build hype around the new changes happening on your website
    • Upgrading your product to version 2.0? Update your product's website, too, and build momentum for your new release
    • Etc.
  • Keep your potential clients and/or customers from seeing your website before it is ready to be seen

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