Google Analytics Setup

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Google Analytics is a powerful, full-featured analytics tool used to gauge website performance and gather audience metrics. The Agile Artist can set up Google Analytics on your site so you can power through tough decisions with solid, data-driven solutions.

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Long Description

Your website isn’t just a static asset that you can expect to keep delivering results once it’s made. A website is like a living, breathing entity. It has to be constantly tweaked and fine-tuned for optimal performance. That’s where Google Analytics comes in.


Google Analytics is a high-end tool that transforms data into insights for better decision-making. It tracks and measures key metrics such as traffic, source of traffic, average time spent on individual pages, patterns and trends, and can help you pinpoint deficiencies by identifying problem areas, such as the pages of your website where visitors exit from most frequently. In short, it empowers website owners with valuable information to make their websites as good as they can be.


With a Google Analytics account set up by the Agile Artist, you’ll have the information you need to improve your website, right at your fingertips.

What You'll Get

Basic Package

  • Google Analytics integration for 1 website


Things you’ll need before beginning the project:
• A purchased domain address and web hosting — Don’t have these? No problem! Let The Agile Artist help with the Website Hosting Package. You’ll be online in no time!
• A website — Need a website fast? The Agile Artist has you covered with the Website, Minisite, or Squeeze Page Creation service! Get your website up and running today.
• Your FTP log-in information
• Your C-panel/web host log-in information
• Log-in details for your WordPress website (if applicable) — Want a WordPress website, but don’t have WordPress installed? Don’t worry! The Agile Artist has you covered with WordPress Security – Peace of Mind. Get started with WordPress today!

If you have a question and can’t find your answer in the FAQ, please contact The Agile Artist through the Contact page, or simply send an e-mail to :)


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Project Ideas

  • Learn how your visitors interact with your website
    • Where do your visitors come from?
    • Where do your visitors go when they leave your website?
    • How do your visitors find you?
    • What is the average time that your visitors spend on each page
    • Etc.
  • Figure out how well your website is performing
  • Find the problem areas of your website
  • Get the data that you need to fix those problem areas
  • Learn what your visitors are looking for, and grow your business in that direction
  • Discover where your visitors are coming from, and advertise on and/or create partnerships with those websites to attract even more visitors

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