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According to Stanford, over 46% of people associate visual design with a company’s credibility. Let The Agile Artist improve your look with professional product packaging, and show potential customers just how amazing your products truly are.

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Long Description

The sole aim of a product’s packaging is to make the product attractive to buyers. To ensure that happens, many different aspects must come together. Firstly,  your customers want  to know who they are buying the product from, and so the packaging must  accurately represent your brand’s image. Secondly, the design must reflect awareness of the market and regional culture so as not to offend the customer or damage the brand. And thirdly, the packaging must accurately represent the product, so that your customers know exactly what they are buying.


The Agile Artist takes all of these factors into consideration, and designs high-quality packaging and labels for a diverse range of industries and container styles, including: bottles, bags, boxes, jars, tubes, pouches, sachets, and more.


With The Agile Artist, you have the design expertise you need to make your product shine!

What You'll Get

Basic Package

  • 1 Design for 1 product package or label
  • 2 Free revisions


Things you’ll need before beginning the project:
• A digital copy of the layout template for the product packaging that you will be using
• A digital copy of any text that you would like to see included in your packaging design (if applicable)
• A digital copy of any specific images that you would like to see included in your packaging design (if applicable)
• Any specific images that you would like The Agile Artist to reference when designing your product packaging

You must legally own the copyrights to anything that you request The Agile Artist to use (specific text, images, etc.). If you do not own the copyrights, The Agile Artist cannot, by law, complete the project as requested.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you own the copyrights to your requested materials, a reference guide has been provided for you here.

If you have a question and can’t find your answer in the FAQ, please contact The Agile Artist through the Contact page, or simply send an e-mail to :)


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Project Ideas

  • Types of packaging
    • Candy, food, and drink packaging, etc.
    • Pill bottles, protein powder, other supplements, etc.
    • Books/boxes/CD/DVD covers, etc.
    • Jars, tubes, squeeze bottles and pouches, laundry detergent, etc.
    • And more
  • Be seen - stand out from your competition
  • Impress your customers and build brand loyalty
  • Increase the chance of your product being purchased
  • Enforce your personal and/or business branding
  • Express yourself - tell the world what you are (and/or what your company is) all about
  • Consider your product packaging to be a physical, portable sales page!

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