Website Banner Sets

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Web banners are one of the most common tools used in online advertising. The Agile Artist lets you promote your product, cause, or business with a set of high-end banners designed to turn heads and make sales!

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Long Description

Great web banners draw the eye and get you noticed online. If you’re a professional who wants to make the most of the Internet to attract new clients, make more sales, or run an online business, using optimized web banners can give you more leads and higher conversions.


You can use the same set of banners in a number of ways—on blogs and articles, as a forum or email signature, for social media branding, for ad swaps, listings, and as branding assets to share with your affiliates. It’s a high-impact digital marketing asset that’s as versatile as it is effective.


The Agile Artist can help you develop a set of tastefully-crafted web banners that highlight your strengths and reflect your expertise. With different banner sizes for different uses, you’ll get a comprehensive digital marketing package that’s ready for any occasion!

What You'll Get

Basic Package

  • 6 Web banners
    • 125 x 125
    • 160 x 600
    • 200 x 125
    • 300 x 250
    • 468 x 60
    • 728 x 90
  • 2 Free revisions


Things you’ll need before beginning the project:
• A digital copy of any text that you would like to see included in your web banner set(s) (if applicable)
• A digital copy of any specific images that you would like to see included in your web banner set(s) (if applicable)
• Any specific images that you would like The Agile Artist to reference when designing your web banner set(s)

You must legally own the copyrights to anything that you request The Agile Artist to use (specific text, images, etc.). If you do not own the copyrights, The Agile Artist cannot, by law, complete the project as requested.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you own the copyrights to your requested materials, a reference guide has been provided for you here.

If you have a question and can’t find your answer in the FAQ, please contact The Agile Artist through the Contact page, or simply send an e-mail to :)


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Project Ideas

  • Uses
    • Be seen - bring in new potential customers!
    • Be heard - get your message across!
    • Build your reputation
    • Tell the world what you, your product, and/or your company are all about
    • Enforce your personal and/or business branding
    • Provide as promotional material for your affiliates
  • Promote your products and/or business on/in
    • Blogs
    • Forum signatures
    • Articles
    • Social media
    • E-mail signatures
    • Ad swaps
    • As listings
    • Etc.

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